Republiken av Norge
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Flag of Norway

Coat of arms of norway
Coat of arms of norway
Norge v4.2
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Basic Information
Motto Alt For Norge (Norwegian)
Anthem Ja Vi Elsker Dette Landet
Norway (National Anthem)
Capital Oslo
Largest city Trondheim
Other cities Bergen, Stavanger, Kristiansand, Tromsø, Lillehammer, Hamar, Narvik
Demonym Norwegian
Government Representative Democracy
President Erna Solberg
Area 385,199
Population 5.019 million (2012)
Established 1840
Independence Scandinavia
Predecessor Scandinavia
Currency Euro
Time zone Central European Time Zone (UTC+01:00)
Internet TLD .no
Calling code +47
Official language Norwegian
National language Norwegian
Regional languages Swedish, Sapmi, Danish, Dutch
Other languages German
Ethnic groups
Main ethnic groups Norwegians, Scandinavians, Danish, German
Other ethnic groups Dutch
State religion Lutheran Christianity; Catholicsm; Judaism; Othrodox
Main religion(s) Lutheran Christianity; Catholicsm; Judaism; Othrodox
Other religions Islam
Norway Known As Republic Of Norway And Norway Has Global Supperpowers On Earth And 7th Half Nuclear Weapon Nation And 8th Half Lunar Landing Nation On Moon And Alliance With United States And Sweden And Major Supperpower And Martian Colonizer And Massive Powers On Earth And Major Greatest Powers Scandinavia is a parliamentary constitutional republic, and a real union that consists of three constituent kingdoms: Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, with powers to manage internal affairs being devolved from the central government to its constituent republics.